Credits and thank yous!

I would like to give a huge shout out to my team members, ArkHunter and

Casanevel. They have been a massive help in building this chat site with me and providing so much helpful information.

I would also like to shout out a few artists that have provided a helping hand!

ReFiend @ DA, Laika @ Windfall, Casanevel @ DA, Sybilarious @ DA


Code Of Conduct


 Please understand that these rules must be read and understood. These rules apply to the entire forum.


The EverLast Forest Administration created this Code of Conduct to ensure a mutual understanding with our userbase. Some, if not all, will also apply to site-use and should be considered when you are using the site. It is your responsibility as a user of our site, forum, and Discord servers that you read and understand our Code of Conduct. If you receive a ban or warning, the excuse “I don’t know” is not acceptable. The moment you register on our platform, you have agreed to our terms.


All users must be 13 or older to use our site and have parental consent. Parents must be made aware that explicit language is acceptable across our platform, and users of all ages 13 and up are welcomed. We, as Administration, do our absolute best to protect our young users, however it must be understood that it is also the parent’s responsibility to keep a watchful eye on their family member and to report any concerns to the site owner to be looked into.


If rules are not followed, the Administration has the right to warn or ban users within reason. Should you feel a ban or warning isn’t within reason, you can appeal but understand that sometimes that can make your case worse. We do our best to keep the peace, but we can’t make everyone happy despite our best efforts.


Inappropriate Content

Any content deemed inappropriate will be removed, and a warning will be sent to the user that created the offense

We allow explicit language, if it is not directly attacking or assaulting another user. This is not to be abused. Do NOT spam curse words and consider how actions such as dark humor will affect other users. However, the Ignore Feature and Mute (Discord) features are available, and reports should only be made if the cursing is getting out of hand, or another user is being attacked in any way.

Conversation that may be suggestive to adult material in any way, shape or form, should be held in private chat, such as Whisper or Private Messaging. We do NOT allow posting of sexual imagery, discussion of sexual acts, or anything appealing to it in public chat. Doing so can result in an instant ban.

Sensitive topic, such as religion, drugs, or self-harm and suicide, should be treated carefully. We allow the discussion of drugs in moderation, as well as religion. However, please understand that we take triggers very seriously, and if your conversation is upsetting users, please move it to a private conversation or move to your own private room.

Discussion of self-harm or suicide should be handled privately, as some users find these discussions as a trigger, or make the uncomfortable. If you are feeling suicidal, or as if you may self-harm, please reach out to an Administrator so that we can provide you options that could help.

We allow artwork to feature male nipples, or female nipple “bulges” – meaning clothing MUST be on for female characters. This term is currently under surveillance and should we receive too many concerns, this may be removed and no longer allowed. Men bulges are acceptable but cannot feature details and must be a smooth surface drawing.

We do not allow pirating links or torrent links in any way, shape or form, as they can be harmful to other users!

Links or images that contain extensive flashing or other epilepsy triggers are not allowed and will result in an unwarned 12 hour ban


2. Spamming and Harassment

Any sort of spam, be it on the forum, chat site, or Discord, is unacceptable and will result in an instant warning. This also applies to harassment.

Posting four or more topics containing similar or the exact same content

Creating a new topic or poll for something that has already been posted, or has no relevance

Posting indecipherable or unneeded content on a topic. All content posted should relate back to the sub-forum or forum it is posted in

Keep me off the forum”, “what do you think about me?”, and “do you like me?” topics are not allowed. These topics should be kept to sites such as Blogger or LiveJournal. Otherwise, journal posts regarding personal achievement or progression are acceptable on this forum.

Topics can only be bumped every 24 hours. This does include bumping topics made by other users. Bumping means that you push a topic back to the top of the active listings. If your topic is on the second page of the active listings, it does not mean you can bump it. You must ONLY bump your topic after 12 hours if it is on the second page of the specific section it is in.

Caps Locking and excessive song spam, word spam, or letter spam is unacceptable on any platform

Harassing Administrators in regard to appealing a ban, warning or a requesting a pose to be reviewed, or additional information on why a pose was rejected, is unacceptable. If you have concerns, you must open a Problem Ticket or contact the Art Review Leader directly.

Harassment includes going to more than one admin after already receiving a verdict. Understand that when you approach an Administrator with a concern, the team discusses it directly as a whole. So continuing to harass one Administrator after another is not allowed.

Sneaking around the Ignore/Mute Feature, or created accounts to get around bans or warnings is not taken lightly!

Sexual harassment or sexual innuendos

Stalking members of our community

Targeting and attacking users for any reason be it art skill, personality, religious beliefs, or medical reasoning, is unacceptable and will result in a 3 day or longer ban on the extent and length of the issue.

Uncalled for humor, criticism, naming and shaming, and prejudice against beliefs is not allowed


3. Disturbing the Peace

Disturbing the peace in any way, shape or form, is unacceptable and you should consider your actions carefully. Creating unneeded or unnecessary drama, faking trauma for yourself or someone else, as well as subjects, images, or content that can trigger users or be considered sensitive is not allowed. Another thing that is important is to consider the impersonation of someone other than yourself, regardless of your intentions. We ask that you keep blacklists private. Inform the Art Review Team of any user you have on your blacklist and a note will be made. It is still your responsibility to handle any issues regarding your blacklist. Administration assistance should only be needed if a user is completely refusing to listen to your terms, and at that point an Administrator will step in if needed and requested.


4. False Reports

Abusing the Problem Ticket system, or contacting an Administrator with an issue, is taken seriously. When you report a false situation, you hold up the line for those that really need our help and assistance. It is one thing if you honestly thought there was an issue, but only report if you have details to back it up. We can’t do much of anything without proof. Intentional false reports will be considered a rule violent and will be acted on as we see fit.


5. Multiple Accounts

You may have as many accounts on the chat as you would like, however you cannot be on more than ONE account at a time. Please understand that if you are caught abusing this to get around warnings, bans, or the ignore feature, action will be taken against your accounts. Please respect this rule and understand that we are being open minded by trusting our users not to abuse this allowance.



6. Safety Threats

Threatening to do harm to another user, and by no means is this in any way, shape, or form allowed. The only exception to this rule is Roleplay. Sexual threats such as rape in any way, shape, or form, is unacceptable, users that violate this rule will receive a permanent ban.

Users must be at the appropriate age range to date. An adult over 18 may not date anyone under the age of 18. Underage dating, or adults dating a minor, is NOT allowed and is taken extremely seriously. Permanent bans will take effect. This includes the propositioning of minors.


7. Roleplay

Roleplay should be conducted in Private Rooms. We have a no holds barred policy allowing users to roleplay in private rooms as they see fit. Understand that despite our policy, it is important to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner.

If you are hosting a roleplay, it is your responsibility as the roleplay host to keep order in your room. You have the right to kick or ban a user from your private room should you feel they are not following the theme or concept, or taking things too personally

We have a no holds barred policy to allow freedom to our users, but please understand that if you abuse this, restrictions will be put into place. This is a luxury



8. Hacking and Virus Threats

The intention to hack the site or users, which also includes expressing ideas for hacking, or viruses, will result in a warning or potential ban depending on the seriousness of the situation.


9. Art Theft

All artwork must have proper copyright, and cannot be taken from Google unless it is labelled free to use

Tracing for profit is not allowed

We allow tracing, or close references of images, if it is not for someone or for profit

Claiming artwork that isn’t yours, which includes any form of artwork – commissions, digital art, traditional art, characters, etc. is considered theft and will result in a warning or ban.

You cannot sell or trade material that does not specifically belong to you




10. Profile Content

Users are expected to have profile content (signatures, avatars, profile fields, sniffs, etc.) both on the chat and forum, that abides by all forum rules as well as the following:

All signature content (i.e. images, text, spoilers that are opened, spoilers that are closed) must be no more than 300 pixels in height. Single elements, such as images, must be no more than 600 pixels in length. Text, multiple smaller images, and other content are allowed side by side, if they fit our height requirement. For a visual representation of the 300x600 signature size limit, please view: Your signature should be no larger than this box in the image provided.

Avatars and signatures can be no more than 500kbs in file size. We also kindly ask that members of this community try not to have gif heavy avatars and signatures, as it can lag (or slow down) other users

Copyrights should always be added for images used in profile content

Any content that is above these guidelines level in profile content will be met with a reminder. If the content is not removed after 24 hours of your next login, an official warning will be given. If you do not login 72 hours after receiving the reminder, you will be notified that the profile content has been removed via a private message. After three subsequent warnings on the forum, content in profiles that break these guidelines will result in a ban. Usernames that break these guidelines will be met with a personal message warning, or an e-mail warning. If the username is not changed upon next login, a ban will be placed

These rules will also be available in their respective forums. Rules are subject to be updated, and announcements will be made when updates to these rules are made.