Credits and thank yous!

I would like to give a huge shout out to my team members, ArkHunter and

Casanevel. They have been a massive help in building this chat site with me and providing so much helpful information.

I would also like to shout out a few artists that have provided a helping hand!

ReFiend @ DA, Laika @ Windfall, Casanevel @ DA, Sybilarious @ DA


Admin Hand Book

The Admin hand book is to help you understand who we are at EverLast Forest and help you understand what it is you are applying for and signing up for.

It is important to understand that you must be 18 years or older to be an admin on our site, we understand that most sites allow 16+ however this does not apply to our site.

We understand how this could be upsetting however, We felt that it was needed as admins handle very sensitive 

Material and case that can be extremely hard to handle such as suicide, death threats, hack/Virus threats and also handle NSFW cases such as inappropriate imagery. Now, this isn't to say someone younger than 18 can't handle the situations, But we felt it is within the best interest of the site to only allow 18+ to be an admin. As the site becomes more organized, this may be appealed should the team see fit.

The Administration  Ranks

~Alpha ~ Must be an admin for 6 months to 1 Year before promotion to alpha is considered.

The Alpha position is only granted to those that have proven themselves over time and handle tasks such as leading the team, Site management, responsible for promotions and demotions and will be the only ones handling warnings toward other administration. Alphas are required to maintain order and ensure the best results from the team and it is the responsibility of an alpha to represent themselves in a professional manner at all times. Alpha's have a ton of responsibility and can place permanent bans, Adjust user deltas; however sparingly, Handle main changes to the site such as rule changes, rank icons, rank color, adding poses to the uploader etc, Problem tickets should only be handled by Alphas or Betas with the respective rights.

~Beta ~ - Must be an admin for 3-6 months before promotion to beta is considered.

The Beta Position is granted to those that have proven their loyalty to EverLast Forest, and have made the efforts to show they are active, responsible and handle tasks in a professional and organized manner. They have proven to build on their experience, Beta's can ban up to 1 Week and are able to do IP Check ups if needed, it is the responsibility of the Beta rank to train Helpers and Gammas under the supervision of an Alpha. Beta will generally handle behind the scene tasks and assignments.

~Gamma~ Gamma's have a 3 month probation period, which means that if they are not handling their tasks they can be demoted to helper or removed from the team completely.

The Gamma rank is a step above the helper, Gamma's have the ability to ban users up to 3 days, send NG's, use the uploader, check ages and logins  well as kick users from rooms. This is the basic admin rank and it is important to prove yourselves, Gamma's will generally be assigned to chat watch and will begin training in a team such as Art Review, Forum Team, Tech Team, Mediation. It's the responsibility of Gamma's to ensure tasks assigned to them are completed in an appropriate time frame. All gammas are put in a 3 month probation, however this does not mean you will be promoted after that 3 months, those 3 months are a chance to prove to us that you can be a valuable part of our team.


All admins start off as Helper, this is the very basic rank and you may be in this position for 2 Weeks - 2 months. In the time that you are a helper you will go through a large amount of training it is important that helpers are honest about their age and ensure they are being extremely active, not only in the helper rank used to train at times, it is used for a general rank, some people may get the helper rank so assist the rest of the team with tasks. We try to ensure training is completed within 2 weeks to 2 months however if you are assigned the "General Helper" position, you could stay ta this rank for 3-6 months and if you desire at that point to move up, you can put in a request.


Once you have moved up to Gamma, you can pick your team and training in that team will begin.

•Event Team - The events department can be both administrators and users alike. It can be any individual who shows dedication to your community and wants to make a positive impact. It is recommended you have guidelines for this department to ensure everyone is pulling their weight. In addition, the events team should have their own, separate Code of Conduct to avoid leaking private department information.

Event Team handles organizing special events for the community

Must be responsible with private information

Organizing Prizes for events and contests.

Making user wide announcements

should have a very good understanding of clean layout and grammar

•Art Team - The art team can also be administrators or users. Depending on your site, it may just be a position limited to administrators. Some sites experience far more art theft than others, and for sites that fall under this category, it is recommended that you leave it as an administrator position only, since many of the poses uploaded may result in action being taken against a user. If your site does not experience a lot of theft, feel free to keep it a position open to any eager and trustworthy individual. If an individual joins your art department, but not as an administrator, they should be required to sign some variation of the Code of Conduct to ensure they are aware of what they’ll be accountable for.

The Art Review handles uploader quality check

Ensuring no poses have loose pixels, are to large, or have extremely large objects among several other things.

It is the Art team's responsibility to ensure copyright is handled appropriately and users that upload poses have permission to do so.

•Forum Department - The forum team can be administrators or users. Depending on your site, it may just be a position limited to administrators. Some sites experience far more forum related issues than others, and for sites that fall under this category, it is recommended that you leave it as an administrator position only. If your forums are calm, feel free to keep it a position open to any eager and trustworthy individual. If an individual joins your forum department, but not as an administrator, they should be required to sign some variation of the Code of Conduct to ensure they are aware of what they’ll be accountable for.

The forum team is a very large job, the forum team generally handles forum related reports, concerns and bans.

Also handles thread clean up, locking topics, archiving topics and spell checking the forum.

Handles general announcements for updates

The forum team has the right to warn or ban users that have violated forum rules.

Forum Department also handles the actual forum layout.

•Technical Support - Technical support should only be administrators who are technically savvy, have been on the team for quite some time (Beta+ recommended) or have experience working to answer Problem Tickets or have had some customer support experience. All alphas are in this department, and there may be an administrator or two who is also in this department. This is an administrator department only, no users may join this department. If a technical support administrator is not answering Problem Tickets or responding to questions posted on your forum regarding technical or chat issues, their position should be reconsidered. 

Tech support team consists of admins capable of coding CSS, HTML or other coding formats

as well as being capable of handling Problem Tickets that involve a lot of sensitive information.

The Tech support team handles a lot in regards to coding and customer service and should have experience in this field before they are even slightly considered.

To get into this team you must prove yourself to handle situations professionally and calmly and this must be seen by the entire team.

The Tech team handles a lot of formatting and Forum coding and site coding, informing the alphas of bugs etc.

•Communications Team - This is an administrator only department, and the individuals on your team who are in charge of sending e-mail notifications to users who are about to be banned or have already been banned. Most administrators should be eligible for this department. 

The Communications team handles writing and organizing reports to users that are facing a ban or written warning.

Also handles Meeting logs, Customer concerns directly and directs their attention to the appropriate areas.

The Communication team has specially assigned tasks only provided from the alpha ranks.

Admin Activity & Keeping in Contact

•Administrator hiatuses - Everyone needs a break every now and then. Administrators should document or inform an alpha when they need to take a temporary leave of absence so it does not count against their activity requirements. 

•Administrator activity - All Chatlands sites will have different activity requirements depending on the activity of their specific site. These activity requirements should be made clear to all of your administrators so they know what you expect of them. However, when an administrator becomes inactive, they should be sent a reminder. If their activity does not pick up within a few weeks of this reminder, their demotion may need to be considered. 

•Activity checks - To be fair to your active administrators, it is recommended that you hold monthly activity checks to see what administrators are working hard and what administrators are hardly working. This should be a topic brought up at alpha meetings.  

•Administrator contact information/list - When you promote an administrator, there are a few recommended housekeeping tasks. In addition to signing the Code of Conduct, administrators should also include primary methods of contact (i.e., their e-mail address, Skype, etc.). This way, if they suddenly disappear, you have another means of contacting them.


•Alpha Meetings - Alphas of your site should be meeting regularly (a recommended four times a year at minimum) to make sure your site is running smoothly

•Department Meetings - If you have any head of departments, make sure they are conducting department meetings for their teams if/when applicable. 

•Admin Meetings - Alphas are also in charge of hosting and participating in administrator meetings. The amount of admin meetings you have will depend on the size and activity of your site. It is recommended that Chatlands sites have admin meetings to keep all administrators on the same page as to the current ongoings of the site


As an admin you are required to read and understand our code of conduct, Rules and Regulations and Admin Hand book.

We expect our admins to clock at least 12 -20 hours a week. We will do regular check ups on activity if you do not meet the requirements we have grounds to remove you from our team. 

Must be 18 years or older, If we have doubts, we have the right to ask for ID only the owner can request an ID and is not allowed to hold onto said ID they must be deleted after confirmation. 

All admins are required to fill out a Bi-weekly schedule, you can request a proper schedule set up of when you are required to be online, otherwise we expect to see activity on days you say you are available. The schedule helps us understand that you do work, or are unavailable certain days so that we can comfortably work around it and gives you grounds to understanding inactivity. 

All users wishing to become an admin, MUST carefully consider all questions on the application. Take time to read them, and answer them and be detailed as much as you want. We judge applications based on how mature and professional their application look's the amount of detail and consideration and experience. As well as availability. 

All admins are VOLUNTEERS, however you are not required to provide Artwork or writing Free of charge, I do not have the financial stability to pay everyone so please understand that although I do not ask you to give away your art or writing time, I cannot pay Volunteer coders. If you wish to Volunteer your artistic Talent or writing talent you are welcome to and its appreciated, To Volunteer as a site artist please contact CrowFly, To become a Volunteer writer please contact TheGoldenJackal @ FA or Discord, discord must be obtained by me, CrowFly.

All admins will go through training, there is no exceptions even those that build the site along side me, are required to go through on site training if they wish to assist in being apart of the 2D chat site. However will be automatically assigned to a respective team.

As an admin you are required to respect Privacy, You are not to share users personal information such as home address, IP, real name, real age, sensitive topics, anything that could in anyway go against or upset the userbase. Any information we got from users is PRIVET information and on a need to know bases, certain information is only to be shared within team limits or if major directly to the Site Owner, CrowFly. To be discussed with the Overseers.

By filling out an admin application you have automatically agreed to the fact you have read and understand this Hand Book. and understand that checking this handbook every 2 weeks is a requirement of your position as it is subject to changes or updates. That will apply to all admins to follow.

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