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Administrator Behavior


Professional Behavior - As a Chatsite Owner or Administrator, you serve as a representative of the site you work for. You are expected to abide by and enforce all rules and regulations for your site and for Chatlands as a whole, as well as display a proper example of ideal behavior for your userbase. 

With that being said, while Administrators are absolutely expected to behave professionally when resolving issues (e.g. dealing with troublemakers, receiving a report from another user, etc), they are not required to act ‘robotic’ at all times. We want our community members to feel secure and welcome around staff members. We as Admins are still just as human as anyone else who uses Chatlands, and our userbase should perceive us that way! 

Administrators are encouraged to openly communicate with their site’s users. You are welcome to joke around, have fun and even use milder swear words in some public rooms, so long as you ALWAYS stay within the parameters given for that room’s age rating. 

However, it is also very important to remember that there are still certain things that site Admins are not permitted to do. When you hold a rank, every single regulation found on your site, on the general Chatlands rules, and on the Chatlands CoC applies to you. Violating any of these stipulations as a staff member is unsuitable and can result in repercussions (depending on the severity of the offense, you may be demoted off the team and even possibly banned). While we understand that none of us are perfect and honest mistakes are inevitable, you will always be expected to show good judgment in your actions. 

Some examples of inappropriate (public) behavior are as follows: 

-Swearing at or disrespecting another user, or ignoring a user’s question, even in a private room. This includes your fellow administrators.*¹ 

-Allowing your emotions to take control of your behavior when handling problems. If you are having a difficult day or ever feel unequipped to properly resolve an issue for any reason, do not hesitate to pass the problem on to another Administrator and (if need be) go off duty in the meantime.*² 

-Drunken behavior or being under the influence of any other impairing substance while on chat. What you do on your own time is your own choice, but please stay off the chat if you are about to drink or use any substance that may impair your judgment. 

-Using derogatory slurs or other offensive epithets, even if you are joking among friends. 

-Drug talk. Unless you are engaging in a constructive and educational conversation regarding specific drugs in a medical sense, the discussion of of these substances (especially narcotics or other federally illegal substances) is strictly disallowed. 

*1: (Owners) Remember that, as a site Owner, you are expected to respect all of your team members. You may not behave discourteously towards them, nor can you fire one of your Admins WITHOUT good reasoning. Doing so will result in reprimand(s) in most instances. To help avoid abuse, and for the protection of your ex admins, current admins, and yourself (the owner), it is now required to list the reason for demotion on the users ban page. This includes both demotions AND resignations. This allows Overseers to review demotions in the case a report of unfair conduct is made. Please keep in mind that you must remain professional when listing demotions reasons, and that simply slandering the ex admin on their Workup will also result in reprimand(s). 

*2: As an Admin, if you ever feel the need to take an extended leave, you are required to first inform the site Owner of your hiatus. If you are an Owner and wish to take some time off, you must directly and immediately inform an Overseer. 

Cooperation With Other Sites - Chatlands is a working community, and in turn, all chat sites are expected to be united in that sense. Site owners and staff members will be required to cooperate with one another and mutual respect will need to be shared at all times. 

All Chatsite Owners are welcome and encouraged to apply to join the Chatlands Guardians Forum / Discord, a community of Admins (Alpha+) who work collectively to ensure that Chatlands is a fair place and that all rules are upheld and enforced. 

Every Administrator and Owner is expected to fully cooperate with the Overseers and provide information as requested, as well as demote any staff member that is either ineligible for their rank and/or causing an issue, and remove artwork that is deemed inappropriate or is in violation to the CoC / fair usage permissions. 

Slanderous remarks regarding any Administrator on any team, attempts to deprecate or ridicule another chat site or Administrator, encouraging users to leave a specific Chatsite, and acts of spreading false rumors or misinformation concerning another site or staff member in any manner are strictly prohibited no matter the circumstances. These types of offenses can result in harsh reprimands. 

While site owners are permitted to advertise Administrative applications for their own site on different platforms, it is not acceptable to promote applications or recruit staff members for your Chatsite on different sites WITHOUT that specific site owner’s explicit permission, as it is considered to be discourteous. 

*(Optional:) If you notice a problematic user (for example: User A recently spammed and made racial comments to disrupt the peace) move to another Chatsite, it is encouraged to message the active administration on that site and alert them of the possible problem. If no Administrator is currently online or available, you can use the Chatland Guardians Discord group in order to make the issue known widely to all participating sites. 

*Owners: Remember that you are ultimately responsible for your site’s advertisement and Administrations’ conduct. If one of your Administrators goes onto another site and advertises, encourages the userbase to leave the site, bad mouths other sites or their administration, or commits another offense, you are required to both correct the behavior and directly inform the Overseers of the said misdemeanor. .

Confidentiality - Almost everything that can be found in Administration only areas such as conference rooms, Admin forums, Admin chat groups, or private conversations between Admins, thus assumed to be private. If you are unsure if something is fit for public release, please discuss it with your site owner and in extension the Chatlands Overseers.

User information, including e-mails, IPs, etc, is not to be discussed with nor made available to anyone that is not an Administrator.

If a third-party subordinate asks about a ban, you are now able to explain ban information within certain boundaries depending on your Administrative rank. There are two key terms for sharing ban reasons to users. These terms are "alleged" and "confirmed". Administrators, when explaining a ban reason to a user, may only say that a user is "allegedly banned for X reason" unless said ban has been confirmed via the Chatlands Overseers. Once the ban has been confirmed, all Administration Gamma+ are able to mention the ban reason is confirmed. Chat owners are able to skip Overseer confirmation with bans placed on their own chat as long as they have investigated the ban and have concrete proof available. If said bans are questioned by an Overseer and no proof is available, repercussions will ensue. Chat owners may request a full ban confirmation from the Overseers via the Chatlands Guardians forum.

-Proof of said bans is also able to be supplied to third-party subordinate users within certain extent depending upon rank and the nature of the ban. 

-Proof of bans that are smaller offenses or offenses that effect the community, such as spam (minor) or art theft (effects community), may be shared towards anyone.

-Proof of bans that involve vulgarity, such as excessive cursing and slurs, may only be supplied to users over the age of 13. 

-Proof of bans that involve major offenses, such as sexual harassment, sexual/drug solicitation, and spreading of glitch/hack information, are only to be shared to Overseers, and may not be shared to subordinates or other sites Administration. (There are NO EXCEPTIONS for any rank (including owners) in regards to sexual harassment and solicitation bans.) 

You are NOT allowed to share any proof to subordinate users that may uncover the identity of the user who sent the report. Uncovering the identity of a reporter is a serious offense and may result in harsh repercussions such as removal of the chat site and ability to Administrate. 

Bans that have been the result of an official Overseer meeting are not required to be shared upon request. This is due to the fact that these bans are often in result of serious offenses, such as corrupt Administration removal, and will often contain sensitive information. If these bans originated from a non-trusted status chat site, said chat site may only share information on the ban in question if approved before hand by an Overseer. The Overseer Administration Blacklist cannot and will not be made public at this time. No information on the blacklist, whether it be which users are on it or the reasons why, is able to be shared to anyone outside of the Overseers. 

HELPERS: Helpers are not allowed to share any ban information. 

GAMMAS: Gammas may confirm a ban has been placed and share the length of the ban. *Local Bans Only 

BETAS: Betas may confirm a ban has been placed, share the length of the ban, and the alleged ban reason (or confirmed reason if Overseer approval has been given). *Local Bans Only 

ALPHAS: Alphas may confirm a ban has been placed, share the length of the ban, the alleged ban reason (or confirmed reason if Overseer approval has been given), and proof of the ban if it falls in a shareable category. *Local Bans Only 

OWNERS: Owners may confirm a ban has been placed, share the length of the ban, the confirmed ban reason (for local bans only), and proof of the ban if it falls in a shareable category. In addition they may share alleged (or confirmed reason if Overseer approval has been given) ban reasons and lengths issued by other sites if needed.* 

OVERSEERS: Overseers may confirm a ban that have been placed, share ban lengths, the confirmed ban reasons, and provide proof of the ban reason on any site. 

*When an Owner explains a ban reason from a site that isn't their own, it is required for them to suggest the offender sends in a problem ticket to the site that placed the ban. 

Note: Please take keep in mind these abilities are optional in most instances and not obligatory. Subordinate users may not attempt to force ban information out of Administration, it is the Administrations option whether or not to use this ability. However, Overseer requests for information on bans placed by sites are not optional and Administrators must comply with the request. 

It is important to understand that when you become an Administrator and agree to these terms, you have also agreed to withhold confidential Administrator information even if you are no longer an Administrator. All of the information that you learned from your time as an Administrator is to be kept private, and it is to remain private, even after you have left the team. If you reveal confidential information after leaving an Adminstrative team or department, your account may be subject to a Chatlands ban and possible inclusion on the Blacklist. This rule applies to past, current, and future Administrators. 

Room Limit - The maximum amount of users generally permitted in a room is 15/15. There are two exceptions to this limit: a user can enter a 15/15 room if they are either an Administrator OR if they are on the Ultimate subscription level. 

Remember that even though an Administrator possesses the ability to join a room even if it’s full, they should not enter unless they are specifically called in to help with an issue. Once the issue has been resolved, the Administrator is expected to leave the room if the user count is still over 15. 

Administrators have the ability to remove users from public rooms, but it is important to remember that this privilege should not be abused. Kicks should only be done for users that are either causing trouble or are idle in full rooms. An Administrator should never kick an active user to make room for themselves, nor should they remove someone without strictly adhering to their Chatsite’s specific regulations regarding kicks. Remember that public room slots are free for anyone’s taking, and an Admin cannot “reserve” a spot in a room for a specific user. 

Login Name - Do not change your login name without first asking an Alpha for permission. Seeing a new or different name with administrator colors is confusing to all involved so we want to limit that as much as possible. You are always welcome to login under a different name using a non-administrative account. 

Please Note: If a Site Owner wishes to change their username, they must first clear it with the Chatlands Overseers. 


Dealing with Users

Upholding Rules - Any user who breaks the rules gets in trouble, but for an administrator to break a rule is even worse. The administration has the extra responsibility of being a model citizen, including following the rules and dealing with troublemakers regardless of social ramifications.

Trust - You have been placed into a position of trust and users will look up to you and how you behave. We have a very good level of trust between the admininstrators and the users; they come to us when they have a problem and they need it to be dealt with and we try our best to solve the problem. We trust each other as a team as we also trust you to use your best judgement while policing the chat. Please don't jeopardize or abuse that trust that we have strived so hard to achieve; do not use your administrator status to meet your own ends or kick someone from the chat simply due to the fact that you don't like them. If you find that you are having difficulty due to your personal feelings towards another user ask another administrator to deal with the situation.

Warnings - When a user misbehaves in chat, make sure to give them a warning before you kick or ban. Then, make sure to kick at least once before you ban. Some users may just not understand the rules until they get a warning or they may not understand that there will be consequences. If you were sent a chat log after the fact, make sure to send the user a warning in the form of an in-chat message or NG (administrative email) unless they have already been warned for the same offense before. The exceptions to this rule are obvious trolls, ie. users who are only on the chat with the intention of causing trouble and breaking the rules. When warning a user, please use whisper as much as possible to keep their warning confidential.

Reporting - Do not leave any bans, kicks, or warnings unreported. It is extremely important to make a thread in the "Warnings & Bans" section of the Administrator Forums as soon as possible.

Log Checks - Please reserve log check requests only for when they are absolutely necessary. In other words, don't ask for a log check just because you want to know what someone said about you! When possible, get the log from the user who reported the incidence. If they are unable to provide it to you, request a log check in the "Warnings & Bans" section of the Administrator Forums. If you have any suspicion that a user has broken a serious rule such as: death threats, hacking threats, fraud, stalking, soliciting sex from minors, etc, feel free to send an Alpha a PM to get their attention more quickly.

Impartiality - Each chat site administrator must be an impartial judge and act as an enforcer of the rules. Whether or not you get along with someone like a "best friend" or dislike them strongly, you must be completely neutral when administering the chat. If a friend breaks a rule and you take no action, you will also be held at fault. Likewise, if you are known to be at odds with a user and abuse your privileges, you will be held responsible for that behavior as well.

Failure to follow this policy will result in the loss of your administrator rank, and possibly further consequences, depending on the severity of the situation.

Your Agreement - It is required that all administrators read, understand and agree to follow these rules. By accepting the position as an administor of any rank on any Chatlands site, you have agreed that you will follow these rules, and you have agreed to accept the consequences of any failure to do so. Any decision by William Underwood (Underdog), or the appointed Overseers on whether to allow a person to serve as an administrator of any rank on any Chatlands site is entirely at their sole discretion and this decision is final.

Updates To This Page - Please note that these rules will be updated as needed. They are to be posted on the Administrator Forum for each Chatlands chat site. It is the responsibility for every administrator to read these rules periodically to make sure that they are remembed. It is also the responsibility of the Site Owner to ensure their staff is up to date with this page at all times. If you have any questions, please contact your site Alpha, your Site Owner, or any of the appointed Overseers.

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